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  • One year Warranty
  • Real Combustion
  • No Smoke and No Odor
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[ANNEX] is the world’s first portable smoke containment system that is designed specifically for use with burning cones.

Starter kit includes:

  • 1x [ANNEX]
  • 2x filters
  • 2x mouth tips
  • 1x USB cable
  • 2x valve cartridges
  • 4x brushes
  • 1x extra igniter

Filter details:

Each filter lasts approximately 3.5 grams or 5 to 10 cones. Two filters are included in the starter kit.

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always safe to touch

Fire Proof Insulation

[ANNEX] is made with furnace-grade ceramic fiber, enabling multiple sessions without any fear of overheating.

- Ceramic fiber is rated to 1000C.

a consistently better smoking experience

Auto-Sense Extinguish

[ANNEX] lets you know when your cone is almost finished by vibrating and through the LED indicator light. What's more, it automatically stops the cone from burning past the end, every time. And stopping the cone at the right time means you'll never have an unwanted mouthful of nasty ash.

- Warning comes two puffs before automatically extinguishing.
- Any residual smoke and odor is automatically cleared, ensuring total control of your environment.

order filters in one tap

Filter IQ+

[ANNEX] has a dedicated filter life indicator. It lets you know that you need a replacement through a simple LED light. Just tap your phone to [ANNEX]. The NFC technology will fast track you right to our app, letting you reorder filters with one click. 

- Integrated filter chipset tracks remaining filter lifespan.
- Convenient NFC connection.
- Free access to [ANNEX] app for reordering.

unparalleled filtration technology

Small, yet Mighty!

The [ANNEX] filter is the size of a lighter, yet it can filter a 5-gallon jug worth of fumes down to the sub-micron level.

- Our filter has been tested to meet or exceed HEPA-certified standards.
- Our filters are proven to extract smoke and odor down to the sub-micron level.
- [ANNEX] filters are easy to replace.

so easy to clean

Less Grime equals More Sublime

[ANNEX] provides quick, simple access to every surface to achieve a true deep clean. Plus, our eco-friendly design enables that components of [ANNEX} can be replaced, if cleaning isn't your thing.

- While cleaning isn't mandatory, a cleaner [ANNEX] will maximize the flavor and quality of sessions.
- Cleaning is recommended after every 3.5 grams of consumed flower.
- Cleaning is fast, simple, and easy.


[ANNEX], when connected to our app, lets you know insights and usage stats, access to FAQs and customer service, and lets you purchase new filters in one click.


    rated for 3.5g per filter or 5 to 10 cones


    1100 mAh battery powers 20 full cone sessions


    5 seconds to blast off


    designed for cones up to 84mm in length


    two hours to go from zero to full charge


    communicates the status of the cone, filter and battery