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where does the ash go?

We’ve designed [ANNEX] to capture the majority of the ash within the filter cartridge. You’ll also have a small portion that remains within the device. To clean out that ash, simply twist off the igniter and shake the device.

when will you start shipping?

We anticipate shipping to start in April 2024. Deliveries will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

how do I know when the filter is done?

It’s as simple as a traffic light. Your [ANNEX] comes with a filter life indicator light. Green means that your filter is good to use. Blinking red means that it’s time for a new filter. You’ll also notice that your [ANNEX] has NFC capabilities. Just tap your phone to the device and our web app will tell you the exact condition your filter is.

Each filter is rated for at least 3.5 grams of flower or approximately 5 to 10 cones. The timespan is always contingent on the strain that you’re enjoying, as some leave more residue than others.

Note: If you feel that it is harder to exhale through the filter, that may be an indication that you’ll need to change it soon, regardless of the LED indicator.

what types of cones does it work with?

[ANNEX is compatible with any standard 1 ¼" cones (84 millimeters).

This includes popular cones and papers from brands such as:
- Elements
- Zig Zag
- Blazy Susan
and many more.

where do I exhale into?

You’ll exhale directly into the same mouthpiece you inhaled from.

Our HUSH Filtration Technology effectively separates inhale and exhale flows, filtering smoke and smell down to the sub-micron level. Our proprietary technology ensures that only fresh flower smoke is inhaled and that no exhaled fumes travel through the cone itself, keeping you in complete control of the smoke and where it goes.

will [ANNEX] trigger smoke alarms?

[ANNEX] has been rigorously tested and proven not to activate smoke alarms. However, its proper use is up to you. Use it as directed and you shouldn’t have a thing to worry about.

To see how to use your [ANNEX] correctly, click here